Institutional Membership is open to secondary schools and schools with specialized STEM center/programs located in the U.S. that have nonprofit status and whose primary objectives are congruent with the Consortium’s mission.

Member Benefits

Stay Current

Members receive:

  • STEM Spotlight – our monthly newsletter to keep you informed on the latest STEM happenings, events and more.
  • STEM Edge – our quarterly magazine offering a deeper dive into STEM education and trends.

Members are encouraged to submit articles and/or updates to both publications, providing an opportunity to showcase your programs, school and students.

Stay Connected

  • The annual NCSSS Professional Conference allows teachers, administrators and counselors in STEM education to collaborate and develop professionally.
  • The Leadership Summit brings STEM school leaders and those aspiring to leadership together to discuss key issues impacting STEM schools today and tomorrow.
  • The NCSSS Virtual College Fair allows NCSSS member students to meet with top universities to learn about STEM programs around the country.
  • The Student Research Conference brings together students to share their research and network and collaborate with other STEM students.

Stay Engaged

Participate in our year-round Consortium Connects series for interactive conversations and the ability to network with fellow STEM teachers and administrators around the world. Recent topics include: Equity and Inclusion, Creating a Valuable Partnership for Your School, International Engineering Development Partnerships, COVID Testing in K-12 Schools, and Virtual Learning Across the Globe: Creating a Cross-Cultural Design Thinking Program. If you’re unable to attend a scheduled session, you can view the recording at a later date.

Institutional members also have voting privileges on all NCSSS corporation business, including Board candidates, and are eligible to seek election to the NCSSS Board.

Membership Dues

Institutional Member dues are $650/year or $1,200/two years.

*Title 1 schools with 50% or more students receiving free lunch, please contact NCSSS at 515-509-4728 to discuss dues assistance.

Our NCSSS benefits reach a wide audience at TJ High School. Administrators and teachersattend the conferences and log onto Consortium Connects to learn and exchange ideasfrom their desks. Students stay informed on the latest STEM opportunities andcompetitions through NCSSS publications. But the best thing we get from NCSSS isnetworking — the relationships that allow each of us to grow and better serve our STEMstudents.

– Ann N. Bonitatibus, Ed.D., Principal
Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, Alexandria, VA

Membership Criteria

NCSSS defines STEM schools as those that prepare students to be leaders in global innovation by engaging them in rigorous, relevant, and integrated learning experiences, with a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics focus and specialization that include authentic research and/or project-based focus school-wide.

The membership committee of the Consortium Board of Directors has the responsibility to research all organizations seeking membership to determine that the rigor and program structure of all applicants is comparable to that of the current members in that category.

Institutional Membership is open to schools that fulfill these criteria:

  • Have a science, technology, engineering and mathematics focus.
  • Require students to take advanced course offerings in STEM areas.
  • Include authentic research and/or project-based focus school-wide.
  • Maintain affiliations with local colleges/universities/research facilities/etc.
  • Students participate in external STEM related competitions.

Application Process

Step 1:
Fill out the application by clicking the button below:

Step 2:
Email the materials listed below to

  • Letter of interest/introduction from highest school official explaining how your school’s goals are congruent with the mission and goals of the Consortium
  • Copy of course catalog (document or web link)
  • School Profile (document or web link)
  • Copy of course list or catalog (document or web link)
  • List of students’ acceptances for colleges and universities (optional)
  • Letter of recommendation from collegiate, corporate, or research affiliate referencing your institution’s success as a community leader in STEM education
  • Letter on school letterhead stating tax exempt status
  • Electronic logo for use in the NCSSS Member Directory

If you have any questions about the application process or status, please contact

Ann Flynn, Director, STEM Education Partnerships at

NCSSS Membership Committee
P.O. Box 151738
Chevy Chase, MD 20825